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Clarify God's unique purpose and vision for your life. Become more purposeful, disciplined and resilient. Learn the skills, tools, and habits you need to live purpose-driven. Launch into action

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    Ray De La Nuez

    Founder, Made To Reign Inc.

    Host, Becoming Men Podcast

    Who am I?

    Ray De La Nuez is a men's life coach, speaker, writer and host of the Becoming Men Podcast. He is an active duty Marine Corps Officer with more than a decade of experience in leading and mentoring men. Ray is visionary leader encouraging and empowering a generation of men to become who God created them to be. His compelling message is helping men around the world become more authentic, confident, disciplined and faithful.

    What will you learn?

    • Discover and clarify God's unique purpose and vision for your life.
    • Establilsh tactical and strategic goals that will launch you into action.
    • Craft a winning success roadmap.
    • Level up connection with the most important relationships in your life.
    • Master your finance and fitness goals.
    • Establish new healthy habits and eradicate harmful ones.